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Private FFICM Mentoring (Virtual)

Working at home

Having trouble passing the FFICM Examination?


Dr Vasileios Zochios (Course Director of the Midlands FFICM Prep Course) and his team will provide a bespoke mentoring and private tuition programme to help you pass the FFICM. These sessions are not only for those who have difficulties in passing the FFICM viva, but also for those who are taking it for the first time, and will be arranged at a mutually agreed date and time.

Your tutor will ask you a selection of FFICM questions, analyse your technique, and provide feedback to improve your approach to the SOE and OSCE stations. The aim is to focus on your strengths to build your confidence, as well as to identify your weaknesses, in order to give you the best chance to pass the FFICM examination!


Cost: £180

Minimum 90 minutes per session


The sessions were very clear, tailored to the individual learning needs of the recipient(s) of the session

Well defined structure and delivery of sessions whilst at same time being flexible to adapt to individuals within the session.

It is clear the sessions are designed and delivered with learning objectives for the exam in mind. Specific topics being highlighted and general exam technique tips throughout. A lot of thought has gone into the delivery of the sessions and how best to serve the learner.

A huge amount of time has been given in order to allow maximum exposure to exam practice to trainees without having to have larger groups in each session which would dilute learning.

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