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PRORVnet Member Application

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Thank you for getting in touch with us and expressing interest in PRORVnet. Hopefully you have had time to explore our website, including our mission statement and list of members/contributors.


Network membership comprises of international experts in their field who are either established or novel clinical researchers and are actively contributing to high quality RV centric research.


We are always looking for like minded researchers to join the network, who can contribute to research of this nature. PRORVnet members are usually leaders in RV care and research invited by the chair/co-chairs. The network will also support RV projects undertaken under the PRORVnet umbrella.


With this in mind, what we ask of all who enquire about membership, is to fill out a short application form below.


Once the Chair has assessed your application, you will be emailed with a response. Please provide the email that you would like to be contacted on for all future correspondence with PRORVnet.


We look forward to reading your application and future collaboration!

Thanks for submitting!

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