The Midlands FFICM Prep Course

Working at home

Our highly successful Midlands FFICM Prep Course has been run since 2021 and we are returning to face-to-face for our next course on the 13th and 14th of September 2022.  It will be held at College Court Conference Centre and Hotel, one of Leicester's premier hospitality and conference facilities.


Click on the link below to book onto the course!

The Midlands Virtual FFICM Prep Course

Intensive SOE and OSCE practice over 2 days

  • Replicates the FFICM virtual exam conditions

  • Master your technique with expert faculty

  • Current FFICM examiners from the Midlands

  • Q&A session with examiners

Day One (The SOE Day) - Tuesday, 13 September 2022

  • 6 hours of intensive SOE practice, observation and individualised feedback

  • Lecture: The FFICM exam from a successful candidate’s perspective


Day Two (The OSCE Day) - Wednesday, 14 September 2022

  • 6 hours of intensive OSCE practice, observation and individualised feedback

  • Lecture: The FFICM exam from an examiner’s perspective


Course Director: Dr Vasileios Zochios

Price: £225 per day (includes buffet lunch and unlimited refreshments)

Reviews from our latest course

It was such a well organised course - I was stunned at how smoothly it went! 


Very well structured, organised, realistic, with excellent constructive feedback.


Prepared, realistic OSCE slides / artefacts / images, question-style (no hints or encouragement – accurate for this exam and therefore not a criticism in context of this teaching/education), individualised feedback to help improve


Well organised with military precision! 😀 


Thanks again for your excellent course - much tougher than FICM SOE course, but more aligned to real exam